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If you’re a hungry business owner considering 1-2-1 marketing & mindset coaching, book a call with Andy to discuss attending a strategy session at our HQ first.

These sessions are unique, and have been described as “insightful, informal and action-focused”.

It’s your perfect opportunity to see first hand how the Growth Academy works… without any long-term commitment. At the end of the session, both parties can decide whether ongoing coaching is a good fit.

Either way, you’ll come away with a clear marketing strategy, action plan and more worth £££s:

1) more focus on income-generating activity

2) the right marketing assets in place

3) mindset habits that put YOU in charge

You’ll see the word “action” a lot here. It’s because the internet is awash with gurus who can talk the talk… but haven’t actually implemented their advice in the real world!

So if you value ACTION, click the button below to apply for your call 🙌 

Joel & Gary Vee
Joel Stone marketing coach standing
Andy & Ollie Ollerton

“Been out of the game for a while raising my little one. You literally made me remember that selling has a formula and a mindset and, once you nail that, you can sell anything. Thank you for bringing me back to life.”

Louise Bates, Owner, Wood & Bates

your most valuable 1/2 day ever!

Your ‘Stay Hungry’ session will be in-person with Andy at our HQ in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. It usually takes around three hours.

Or it can be conducted over Zoom, if you prefer. This ends up being shorter (anything over 90 minutes on Zoom is a looong time!) but the choice is yours.

Come away with:

Your vision, purpose and values nailed down… to keep you focused and better able to deal with challenges

A 12-month strategy, so you know where you’re going and what that end goal looks like

A 90-day action plan for the tactics to kickstart your journey for fast results

Technical support from the team – get all that boring but important sh*t handled

Marketing critiques… and more!

BONUS – The fee is fully refundable against any ongoing coaching

‘Stay Hungry’ is the “quick fix” if you’re busy rowing the boat but are going around in circles. You get pulled into the day-to-day grind rather than purposefully moving forwards.

Maybe your website, social media and ads aren’t doing what they need to and you’re caught in the entrepreneurial curse of ‘feast and famine’.

C’mon, let’s talk! 

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