Power Hour

60 Minutes direct with andy or joel

Make An immediate impact on your business

If you’re an owner-managed business that needs strategic change to get to the next level, book a power hour with Andy or Joel.

This 1-2-1 on Zoom, all about your goals and opportunities, has been described as “insightful, informal and action-focused”.

Talk Pay Per Click ads, copywriting, customer targeting, websites, sales, productivity, mindset… whatever’s important to you.

Regardless of your challenge, Andy and Joel will have been there. There isn’t much they haven’t encountered during their years in the game.

Whether you’re just starting out in business or are struggling to get to the next level, a Power Hour will get you focused.

If you feel you haven’t got value at the end of the call, let ’em know and you’ll get a full refund.

Joel & Gary Vee
Joel, Co-founder of Codebreak and Andy & Joel at a skate park in Belfast
Andy & Ollie Ollerton

“Been out of the game for a while raising my little one. You literally made me remember that selling has a formula and a mindset and, once you nail that, you can sell anything. Thank you for bringing me back to life.”

Louise Bates, Owner, Wood & Bates

your most valuable one hour ever!

You’ll come away knowing what to start doing, what to double down on and what to stop.

Generally speaking, three things will be covered, again tailored to you:

1) more clarity on customer value and Return On Ad Spend

2) why paid-for and organic need to work together

3) upgrading your thinking, so you get more of the right sh*t done

Learn from guys who have implemented marketing tactics for thousands of businesses and invested millions of pounds of ad budget. The internet is awash with gurus who can talk the talk… but haven’t actually walked the walk.

So if you value ACTION over theory, open a convo on WhatsApp or book below. 

Let’s go!

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