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“We deeply appreciate your efforts. You are helping us do something that I think will help people’s lives and creating something quite exciting.”

Owen O’Kane, Globally Acclaimed Psychotherapist & Speaker

The Growth Academy is about you rather than us. But you need to know who’s behind it all, right?!

People buy people.

So if our values below resonate with you, feel free to carry on reading. Then your next best step is applying for an in-depth strategy session here at HQ.

Andy Rao Marketing Coach

Andy Rao

I’m co-founder of marketing agency, Codebreak, and co-author of Amazon bestseller, Stay Hungry. (Joel and I do everything together. Well, not everything.)

I’ve been in the marketing industry since 1996, when I started at ITV, working on some biiiiig accounts. But, since setting out on my own in 2006, I’ve focused purely on growing independent businesses. I’ve even won an award for it.

On the mindset side of things, I’m Level 4 certified in Transformational Coaching under Paul Mort, x2 UK Master Coach of the Year. The certification is ratified by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

There’s lots to share with you from my years in the game, from traditional & digital ads to copywriting, plus the mindset techniques I’ve learnt and been taught to keep you focused.

Coaching entrepreneurs to get better results from themselves and their business is my passion. Our company motto is help people and have fun.

Work hard, work smart, enjoy the ride.

If there are gaps, which are stopping you from fully serving the people in your life, let’s chat.

Joel Stone - UK Marketing Coach

Joel Stone

I’m co-founder of the UK’s leading direct response marketing company, Codebreak. This is done-for-you work, taking small business owners from four-figure months to five-figure months, and five to six.

I’m also the co-host of the Stay Hungry podcast. (Yes, we have a book and a podcast called Stay Hungry!) It enjoys thousands of downloads a month across 40 countries and has featured renowned thought leaders such as Rob Moore, Chris Thomas and Kelsey Moreira.

My background as a graphic designer gave me the opportunity to work on brands including Guinness and Anthony Joshua. That was cool but for the past decade it’s been about growing fellow small business owners.

That’s where the magic lies for me. Seeing you and your business develop.

I’m also a qualified accountant, believe it or not! So I can really drill down into your numbers for you. The numbers that matter, of course. No ‘paralysis by over-analysis’.

Feel free to reach out today.

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