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If you’re a business owner looking for practical guidance to skyrocket your growth and the mindset behind it all, welcome to the Marketing Academy.


Andy Rao and Joel Stone, co-founders of leading advertising agency, Codebreak, will share with you all they’ve learned over 40+ years in the industry. Benefit from their knowledge as marketers, business owners, #1 bestselling authors and podcasters.


Whether you haven’t got a clear marketing strategy… you’re not getting a decent return from your ad spend… or your focus is all over the place… training & support from Andy, Joel and the Codebreak team will see you right OR YOUR MONEY BACK.


This isn’t a group coaching programme, to be clear. The Academy is 1-2-1 training & support to suit your specific needs. Online, in-person and on the phone… a more personalised, accountable approach to learning.


💃 The outcome is you winning more customers, more easily and enjoying a better work/life harmony 🕺


Book an hour’s consultation, a 1/2 day or full day workshop or have Andy & Joel in your corner 24/7. Those are your three choices. 


We’ve got to be right for each other though. You know those businesses who’ll take money off anyone with a chequebook and a pulse? That ain’t us! So, in the first instance, get off the fence and send us a WhatsApp.


Andy & Joel, Co-founders of Codebreak and Andy & Joel at a skate park in Belfast


We’re Andy Rao and Joel Stone. Welcome to the Marketing Academy 👊

This is THE place if you’re a decision-maker who’s hungry to get better results from your marketing.

We’ll share 40+ years of knowledge with you. But knowledge alone isn’t the answer – it’s having the will to consistently implement what you’ve learned. So we’ll work with you on that too, the double whammy.

Marketing plus Mindset.

We’ve made millions of pounds for hundreds of business owners, and we’ll show you how. No theory or jargon, just tactics we’ve actioned at the pointy end.

So thanks for stopping by. Browse the website and drop us a WhatsApp if you want to chat, without obligation.

– Andy and Joel

Andy & Joel, Co-founders of Codebreak and Andy & Joel at a skate park in Belfast

Does any of the below sound familiar?

You’re doing bits of marketing when you can, but there’s no effective structure.

The till isn’t ringing as often as you want it to.

You have moments of doubt.

You’re not seen as an expert in your field, so business is going to competitors.

Your social media posts are safe, i.e. boring, because you worry what people may say.

You’re not sure whether your Return On Ad Spend is good enough.

Your website doesn’t generate sales and enquiries.

Let’s get you off that rollercoaster. WhatsApp us HERE.

“You’ll learn from Andy and Joel, Yoda and Mr Miyagi…. You’ll learn how much money you should spend to get a new customer and you’ll learn how to quickly weed out the pain in the arse customers that you don’t even realise you don’t want.

“Mostly you will learn how to market your company in a way your competitors don’t.”

Chris Penman, STARK Consulting Engineers

  • Generate more customers
  • Become an authority figure
  • Create the best ads around
  • Write copy that sells
  • Easy content generation
  • Better website results
  • Get clarity on what to do and how
  • Improve your focus
  • Own your diary, own your day
Stay Hungry - Marketing That Sells - Andy Rao and Joel Stone


ROI on Facebook Ads for an online clothing brand

Member sign ups for a leisure group

Million pounds of property sold for a housing firm


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