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coaching small business owners how to get more customers

Get More Customers, Have More Fun!

If you’re a “solopreneur” – small business owner & decision-maker – and you want guidance and support to skyrocket your marketing, you’re in the right place.


Having Andy Rao and Joel Stone on your side will save you time and money. Whether you’re lacking a clear strategy, not getting a big enough return on your ads, struggling to convert leads, writing content that doesn’t sell you as well as it should… Andy, Joel and team can help.


So let’s chat about coaching you.


The Growth Academy is dedicated to providing small business owners with the best in practical marketing strategies and tactics, backed up with mindset work to drive it all.


BS-free and jargon-free.


The outcome is you winning more customers more easily

Not only that:

💥 You get TWO coaches for the price of one! 💥


You have two choices – Group Coaching or 1-2-1. Both involve Andy and Joel showing you how they’ve generated more customers for businesses through their own marketing & design agency.


Right there is the biggest difference to many other coaches. Andy and Joel have DONE – and still do – rather than just teach. There’s no theory here. Everything you’ll learn has been tried and tested at the pointy end.


From creating the best digital ads in the business to writing killer emails and having the confidence to stick your head above the parapet, being a member of the Growth Academy will move you forward.

Group Coaching1-2-1 Coaching
Andy and Joel marketing consultants, UK


We’re Andy Rao and Joel Stone. Welcome to our Growth Academy!

Helping solopreneurs develop their marketing and mindset is our passion.

Advertising, sales, design, entrepreneurship and self development… they’ve been our world for over 40 years combined.

We have made millions of pounds for hundreds of small businesses. “Secrets” that we want to share with you.

So thanks for stopping by. If you’re up for learning and laughing, we hope to meet you online and in the flesh soon!

– Andy and Joel

Andy Rao and Joel Stone - marketing and mindset coaching

Does any of the below sound familiar?

You’re doing bits of marketing when you can, but there’s no effective structure.

The till isn’t ringing as often as you want it to.

You have moments of doubt.

You’re not seen as an expert in your field, so business is going to competitors.

Your marketing is too safe because you worry what people may say.

Your ads are OK but you don’t know the exact return.

Your website doesn’t generate enough enquiries & sales.

Let’s work together and get you off that rollercoaster.

“You’ll learn from Andy and Joel, Yoda and Mr Miyagi…. You’ll learn how much money you should spend to get a new customer and you’ll learn how to quickly weed out the pain in the arse customers that you don’t even realise you don’t want. Mostly you will learn how to market your company in a way your competitors don’t.”

Chris Penman, STARK Consulting Engineers

  • Get more customers
  • Become an authority figure
  • Create the best ads around
  • Write copy that sells
  • Understand business psychology
  • What to automate and how
  • Easy content generation
  • The secrets of positioning
  • Improve your mindset
  • Dealing with idiots
  • Accountability check-ins


ROI on Facebook Ads for an online clothing brand

Member sign ups for a leisure group

Million pounds of property sold for a housing firm

About Us

Why work with Andy and Joel?


The main benefit is that they have been generating more customers for small businesses for years. This is by doing their marketing for them through their agency, Codebreak. Both of them have run agencies on their own before that too.


So you’ll receive strategies and tactics that have been actioned for real businesses in the real world. Not la-la land. There are enough “gurus” out there, who can speak from the safety of a stage or a computer but have never actually done.


Andy and Joel will be the first to admit they’ve made mistakes along the way. As a member of the Growth Academy, you’ll have these pitfalls pointed out to you, so you can avoid that pain! Bad stuff will still pop up – it’s inevitable as a business owner – but you’ll also learn how to handle it better.


In addition to directly coaching solopreneurs, they have written an Amazon #1 bestseller about small business growth called Stay Hungry: How To Create Marketing That Sells™ Even In The New Economy. 


Their podcast, also called Stay Hungry, has thousands of downloads a month. As well as sharing marketing and mindset advice, they’ve interviewed multi millionaire entrepreneurs such as Rob Moore.


You’re in safe hands with the Growth Academy. And, thanks to our six star experience, you’ll feel valued.

Group Coaching1-2-1 (Application Only)

“We deeply appreciate your efforts. You are helping us do something that I think will help people’s lives and creating something quite exciting.”

Owen O’Kane, Globally Acclaimed Psychotherapist & Speaker

This brand new group will represent the best value marketing & mindste coaching around. Packed with insights for you to deploy both inside and outside of your business.

You’ll receive learnings direct from Andy and Joel, to be clear. They’re not simply the faces of the business! It genuinely is their combined 40+ years’ experience you’ll be tapping in to.

You’ll learn the key fundamentals of marketing. If you’re always lookin for the next shiny new thing and are tempted to start dancing on social media because you see “influencers” doing it… stop reading now! The Growth Academy won’t be for you.

This is all about you getting RESULTS, and that is unlikely to come down to dancing…. The Growth Academy will teach you the three principles of Direct Response Marketing, which haven’t changed since the days of trading on the Silk Road:

Market ~ Message ~ Media

And they’ll never change.

Different platforms and trends will come and go but, to succeed long-term, you only have to know who your audience is, what to say to them and where they are.

By working with us, you’ll benefit from a laser-like focus on these principles.

You’ll also learn how to better understand and deal with people because, let’s face it, you’re going to encounter some knobs. When you stick your head above the parapet, you’ll come across keyboard warriors and armchair critics.

Amazing things happen on the other side of fear.

“A ship in harbour is safe. But that’s not what ships are built for.”

– John A. Shedd

Group Coaching

Coaching SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS How To Get More Customers

Officially launching 1st June 2022

Pre-launch offer available until Tuesday 31st May 2022


If you want more customers, and are realising that guidance from marketers and business owners who have “been there and done that” will make it faster, easier and more fun, let’s go.

Group Coaching will suit you down to the ground.

The Growth Academy will teach you the game plans and secrets to growing a small business.

The offer is time-limited and works out at less than a fiver a day! 

If you’d like to know more, book a call direct with Andy!

“You can’t solve your current problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Albert Einstein

“A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness.”

Michael Jordan

What Do You Get?

You’ll be learning from Andy, Joel and team, plus guest experts. We’ll be in the thick of it… rather than sitting back and letting the members do most of the work.

Networking between members is important, of course, but rest assured that things will very much be driven by the academy personnel.

You’ll enjoy some of the best learning around for marketing that generates new customers and the mindset to underpin it all.

Self development is crucial to progress in business and in life, and this group will work for you if you’re open to that. Rest assured, we’re talking about practical Psychology, not running on a treadmill at 4am with a kale smoothie!

There are groups out there for just men and others for just women. That’s fine, of course, but our Growth Academy is all-inclusive. Our “niche” is you being the sole decision-maker, who can make shit happen. We don’t care what gender you are!

Weekly video learning

Making it easy to consume our marketing & mindset insights. Recordings will be available, for you to watch at your own convenience.

Private online group access

For you to chat to us and network with fellow members, on iPhone, Android and desktop.

Weekly live Q&A

Perfect for those burning questions, where you’ll get your answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

Access to Andy, Joel & team

Benefit from a million years’ experience. OK, maybe not that much… but a lot.

Quarterly meet-ups

Online is OK, but in-person is best! Get together live, in the flesh, for more learning and networking.

Access to our knowledge vault

Giving you clear videos, cheat sheets and checklists to monitor your progression. This is worth £££s alone.

Special guest training

To help round everything out, from financial wizardry to nutrition.

Stay Hungry journal

Because what gets written down gets done. Your journal is the perfect planning tool.

Accountability checks

So you’re more likely to do what you said you would, putting you ahead of 90% of your competitors.

Stay Hungry merch

For you to feel part of a like-minded and supportive community.

A signed copy of our #1 bestseller

Because what separates you from who you are today and who you are in five years’ time is the books you read and the people you meet.




90-Day Skyrocket Programme

If you’re a small business owner after 1-2-1 marketing consultancy, join the 90-day Skyrocket Programme.

This is the ONLY way to start 1-2-1 with Andy and Joel. Benefit from three months’ intensive work together to:

1) get you off to a flying start

2) make sure there’s a good fit between both parties

Not only will you see superfast action, you’ll have peace of mind not being tied into a 12-month contract from the off.

On ‘Skyrocket’, you’ll work direct with Andy and Joel on their step-by-step Marketing That Sells™ formula. Tailored to you, it will take your business to the next level quickly.

This programme is ideal for you if the results from your marketing are plateauing or, worse, going backwards. Chances are, you’re sweating buckets rowing the boat but are caught up in the day-to-day grind.

So Andy and Joel step in as your Marketing Directors and devise a clear strategy. Vision. Values. Goals. Growth. Accountability. You’ll get it all.

At the end of the initial 90 days, you can either continue having Andy and Joel plugged in to your business or take your new strategy forward on your own.

The fee is just £395+vat per month x3 or £995+vat upfront (saving £190).

Simple, straightforward.

Schedule a call with Andy to ask any questions.

Andy Rao and Joel Stone marketing coaching
Andy Rao Stay Hungry author
Joel Stone marketing coach standing

“Been out of the game for a while raising my little one. You literally made me remember that selling has a formula and a mindset and, once you nail that, you can sell anything. Thank you for bringing me back to life.”

Louise Bates, Owner, Wood & Bates

Join ‘Skyrocket’ For £995+VAT And Enjoy:

Direct access to Andy & Joel

In-depth kick-off meeting

12-month strategy

90-day ‘Skyrocket’ game plan

x3 training sessions

Easy & convenient Q&A

Unlimited marketing critiques

Technical support

PLUS bonuses


the stay hungry marketing & mindset podcast
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