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If you’re a small business owner wanting Marketing & Mindset Coaching to kickstart your growth, book a call about Andy & Joel’s ‘Skyrocket’ intro programme.

Benefit from one month working together, so you get:

1) more focus on income-generating activity

2) the right marketing assets in place

3) mindset habits that put YOU in charge

Not only will you learn how to improve your marketing and mindset quickly, you have a month to decide whether the Growth Academy is for you long-term.

You’ll see how we work… and vice versa. If it’s right for both parties, happy days!

‘Skyrocket’ is ideal if you’re busy rowing the boat but are going around in circles. You always get pulled into the day-to-day rather than purposefully moving forwards.

Maybe your website, social media and ads aren’t doing what they need to and you’re caught in the entrepreneurial curse of ‘feast and famine’.

So Andy and Joel step in and coach you to better move the needle in your business. You’ll even get access to the whole team for unlimited marketing critiques.

The fee for ‘Skyrocket’ is £650+vat – payable via instalments of £325+vat x2.

Or pay £495+vat upfront and save £155. Nice!

Book a call if you have any questions. Or WhatsApp us via the button below!

Andy Rao and Joel Stone marketing coaching
Andy Rao Stay Hungry author
Joel Stone marketing coach standing

“Been out of the game for a while raising my little one. You literally made me remember that selling has a formula and a mindset and, once you nail that, you can sell anything. Thank you for bringing me back to life.”

Louise Bates, Owner, Wood & Bates

Start Your 30-Day Journey TODAY And Enjoy:

1-2-1 kick-off meeting

Talk, uninterrupted, with Andy or Ops Manager, Caitlin, over Zoom. Let’s see how you and your business are, where you want to get to and bag you some quick wins.

x4 training sessions

Comprehensive training on the key drivers of business success, including digital ads, copywriting and getting sh*t done. Informative yet informal, with our no ‘Death by PowerPoint’ guarantee 😀

Weekly Live Q&A

Pose a question direct to Andy and Joel. Get your answer plus learn other stuff from other people’s questions. Depending on how many questions are raised, there’ll also be some extra training 💥

‘Start With Why’ workbook

Based around Week 1’s training, knowing why you do what you do and using that to gee both yourself and prospects up is essential. Our handy workbook makes this easy to remember. 

90-day strategic planner

Most small business owners go around in circles… because they don’t know where they’re going! Together, let’s work out where you want to be in 12 months’ time, and then break that down into actionable 90-day goals.

Unlimited marketing critiques

Send over any new marketing content to the team and receive easy-to-follow, practical feedback on the good, the bad and the ugly. Detailed pointers on what will increase its effectiveness.


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