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Moving You Forward With Your Business 

If you’re a small business owner feeling you’re not fulfilling your potential because of your mindset, let’s chat.

You can have the best marketing in the world… but if you haven’t got the mindset to drive it all… you’ll be missing out on serving more people, making more money and a better work/life harmony.

Perhaps you struggle getting out of your comfort zone – the best place to grow.

Maybe you’re often caught in the day-to-day grind.

One bad comment on Facebook takes your eye off the ball.

You worry about “imposter syndrome”….

This is where working with Andy Rao and Joel Stone will benefit you. Andy will be taking the lead but you’ll still get two coaches for the price of one!

Andy is Level 4 certified in Transformational Coaching, as well as having worked in  Marketing since the mid 1990s. So you’re in safe hands.

BUT everything begins by joining the Growth Academy’s 30-day ‘Skyrocket’ programme:

1) more focus on income-generating activity

2) the right marketing assets in place

3) mindset habits that put YOU in charge

A combination of marketing and mindset work, but skewed towards the latter for you.

It’s a month mentoring and coaching you, where you’ll receive a comprehensive kick-off meeting, training sessions, all the Q&A you want and direct access to the whoe crew.

At the end of your 30 days, you can continue having Andy and Joel coach you or take what you’ve learnt to implement yourself.

The fee for ‘Skyrocket’ is £1,190+vat – payable via instalments of £595+vat x2 .

Or pay £995+vat upfront and save £195.

Simple, straightforward.

Please click here here if you have any questions or want to get started.

[The fee for moving onto the full 12 months afterwards is £995+vat per month, or enjoy 12 months for the price of ten if you pay upfront.]

Andy Rao and Joel Stone marketing coaching
Andy Rao Stay Hungry author
Joel Stone marketing coach standing

“Been out of the game for a while raising my little one. You literally made me remember that selling has a formula and a mindset and, once you nail that, you can sell anything. Thank you for bringing me back to life.”

Louise Bates, Owner, Wood & Bates

What 12 Months’ Mindset Coaching Looks Like:

Direct access to Andy & Joel

Only business owners on the 12-month programmes get direct access to Andy and Joel. Q&A, progress check-ins, recommended resources, news scoops and more.

Weekly training sessions

Training from Andy, Joel or a guest expert… even the odd celeb or two. A combination of live sessions (incl. replays) and pre-recorded videos dropping more truth bombs to move you  and your business forward.

Quarterly meet-ups

At Codebreak HQ to sit down and properly see where you are. You can have them on Zoom, if you prefer. Either way, it’ll help us tailor-make our coaching to you and address what your priorities are to action.

‘Stay Hungry’ merch

Cool as f*ck.



Andy Rao Marketing Coach

Andy Rao

I’m co-founder of marketing agency, Codebreak, and co-author of Amazon bestseller, Stay Hungry. (Joel and I do everything together. Well, not everything.)

If you’re interested in developing your mindset, I’m Level 4 certified in Transformational Coaching under Paul Mort, who you may have heard of. All ratified by the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

I’ve also been in the marketing industry since 1996, when I started at ITV, working on some biiiiig accounts. But, since launching my own business in 2006, I’ve focused purely on growing small businesses.

There’s lots to share with you from my years in the game, from traditional ads to digital, copywriting and the techniques I’ve taught to keep entrepreneurs focused.

Coaching small business owners to get better results from their business and/or themselves is my passion. Our company motto is help people and have fun.

Work hard, work smart, enjoy the ride.

If there are gaps, which are stopping you from fully serving the people in your life, let’s chat.

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